ERC20 Token Management

  1. Download and install the latest Kasse Software client from

    Download Software

  2. Open the Kasse Software Client.

    Open Software

  3. After completing Initial Configuration, connect your Kasse to your computer with the included USB Cable.

    Connect Kasse

  4. Enter your PIN to unlock your Kasse and manage it with the Kasse Software Client.

    PIN Entry

  5. Choose Ethereum.

    Select Cryptoerc20-01.png

  6. Press the ERC20 button in the right-hand corner at the top of the Ethereum overview page.


  7. To add an ERC20 Token, press the Add button right-hand corner at the top of the ERC20 Token pop-up. 


  8. To add a popular ERC20 Token, press the 'Token List' button. 


  9. Scroll through the list of popular ERC20 Tokens to find the token you want to add, and then click on it to select it. 


  10. Press 'Save' to add this Token to your ERC20 Token list.


  11. If you were unable to find the token you want to add, and have already transferred that token to your Ethereum wallet address (see How To Receive Cryptocurrency), you may select 'Search Token Tx' on the initial ERC20 Token pop-up window.


  12. This will open a window in your default browser that will display the ERC-20 token transactions for your Kasse's Ethereum wallet on Select the token you would like to add. In this example we are using Dai Stablecoin.


  13. Copy the Name (name + [symbol]), Address, and Decimals and enter those details on the 'Add ERC20 Token' Screen as seen below. Then, press 'Save' to continue.



  14. Now, your 'ERC Token' window will display the ERC20 token(s) you have added. Press select to enter the management screen for this token. 


  15. Here, you may view your token balance and send your tokens. 


    Note that all ERC-20 tokens require an Ethereum balance in your wallet to pay for the gas costs of ERC20 token transactions. For token transactions, as they may involve more operations than a standard Ethereum transaction, a Gas Limit of 60000 is recommended. The gas price will automatically set itself to the current gas price for a fast transaction (9 GWEI at the time this example was made), but you may always check ETH Gas Station for the current safe low price and manually enter that value. 


  16. To return to your Ethereum wallet controls you may press the 'Ethereum' button in the right-hand corner at the top of the ERC20 Token's page.