How To Receive Cryptocurrency


  1. Download and install the latest Kasse Software client from

    Download Software

  2. Open the Kasse Software Client.

    Open Software

  3. After completing Initial Configuration, connect your Kasse to your computer with the included USB Cable.

    Connect Kasse

  4. Enter your PIN to unlock your Kasse and manage it with the Kasse Software Client.

    PIN Entry

  5. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive.

    Select CryptoSelect Crypto

  6. Select “Receive” from the menu on the left side.


  7. Your receiving address for the chosen cryptocurrency will be available in the address field. Send the chosen cryptocurrency to this address to receive it in your Kasse’s wallet. 


    Additionally, to provide a sender a QR code that includes the amount to be received, enter that amount and click the QR button to the right of the amount. After clicking the button, the QR code generated to the left of the fields will include your address and the requested amount.