About Us

KasseUSA is the official North American distribution channel for the HyundaiPay HD-Kasse HK-1000 hardware wallet.



HyundaiPay is one of the newest members of the Hyundai family. The Hyundai name is world renowned for excellence and innovations in construction, automobiles, and consumer electronics.

HyundaiPay aims to bridge IoT, blockchain, and FinTech technologies to create and facilitate trust-based networks and hardware for the decentralized economy on our world’s horizon.

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KasseUSA is owned and operated by Acecom, Inc. - San Antonio, and sells and provides support for resellers and endusers of the North American version of the HK-1000 imported exclusively by Acecom, Inc.- San Antonio.

From day one, Acecom, Inc. - San Antonio has been in the business of DIY disruption. Every venture pursued has been rooted in the idea that the greatest value lies in products that empower consumers to achieve greater productivity and independence while fostering environmental and economic efficiency.