Wallet Recovery

  1. After completing steps 1-11 of Initial Configuration, press the right button to continue with wallet recovery.

    Recovery Option

  2. If the wallet you are recovering used a passphrase, you must use the same passphrase to recover your wallet. Press the left button to continue with passphrase entry. If the wallet you are recovering did not use a passphrase, press the right button and go to step 5.

    Passphrase Prompt

  3. Input your passphrase. Press and hold both buttons to confirm your entry.

    Enter Passphrase

  4. Confirm that the displayed passphrase is correct. Press the left button if it is correct, or press the right button if it is not correct and you would like to re-enter your passphrase. For help with button functions, please see our Button Operation Guide

    Confirm Passphrase

  5. Press the right button to continue. 

    Set Recovery Word Count

  6. Select the number of words in your recovery phrase (word seed). Use the left button to toggle options, press the right button to make your selection.

    Number of Words

  7. The Kasse will now prompt you to enter your recovery words in the exact sequence they were originally produced. Please note that the recovery phrase must be entered in the correct sequence to recover your wallet. As such, recovery sheets are numbered, and the prompts will reference those numbers.

    Word Prompt

  8. Enter the first three letters of the word you have been prompted for.

    Word Entry

  9. You will be provided with series of words that begin with the three letters previously selected. Use the left and right buttons to find the correct word and press and hold both the left and right buttons to complete your selection.

    Choose Word

    If you made a mistake when entering the first three letters, select cancel to re-enter the first three letters.


  10. Repeat steps 8-9 until you have exhausted your word seed.

  11. Press the right button to continue.

    Start Recovery

  12. Wait while your wallet is recovered.

    Recovery in Progress

  13. Once your wallet has been recovered, press the right button to complete the recovery process.

    Recovery Complete