If You Lose Your Kasse, PIN Code, or Recovery Sheet

If you lose your Kasse:

If your Kasse is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can always recover your wallets on another Kasse or on any other compatible wallet or device with the 12-24 Word Seed (+ passphrase) you recorded on your Recovery Sheet.

You can recover your wallet from any wallet that supports is compatible with BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44. Here is a list of compatible hardware and software wallets that are compatible with your Kasse wallet recovery information. You can also import the recovery information from these wallets into a Kasse to manage coins supported by Kasse.

- Kasse HK-1000
- Ledger Nano
- Ledger HW.1
- Ledger Nano S
- Ledger Blue
- KeepKey
- Trezor One
- Trezor Model T
- Mycelium (smartphone)
- Bither (smartphone and desktop)
- Coinomi (smartphone)
- MyCryptoWallet.com


If you forget your PIN code:

After ten failed attempts, the Kasse will delete all information and reset itself to a factory new state. You will need to restore your wallet using your 12-24 Word Seed (+ Passphrase) and then you will be able to set a new pin.


If you lose your recovery information:

The 12-24 Word Seed (+ Passphrase) is the skeleton key to all of your wallets. It is important to keep this information safe and secure. Anyone that has access to this information and understands its purpose can steal the contents of all of you wallets without requiring your PIN. Without this information there is no way to recover your wallet.

If you lose your Recovery Sheet, or your recovery information, if stored via an alternate method, you need to immediately transfer your entire balance to a temporary wallet. Then, reset the Kasse and create a new Word Seed. Once completed, transfer back your balances to your Kasse.